WAVE-3 Smart Key Emergency Start System

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Device supports only cars with factory «Keyless Entry» systems installed.

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3D antenna

- WAVE-3D has a complex technology to read request signal from key at once in three dimensions («3D» antenna as in the original key), followed by digital processing of received data. This technology allows receiving, process and retransmitting the request as correctly as possible, which increases quality and number of system triggers. Now you do not have to search «correct position» inside the car for correct operation of the system.

Control and configuration of the system via smart-phone

- A smart-phone is use to control the WAVE-3D system. You can choose with what car you want to work, choose a market (Europe or America) and the system will be ready to work automatically. In addition, the charge levels of the batteries for two devices (car and key side) are display on the screen of the smart-phone immediately, as well as radio communication quality chart and the number of real-time requests, which allows you to optimize your actions.

Digital radio communication channel

- The components of the Wave-3D constantly exchange their current state and configuration. Reliable and compact digital radio transmitter especially designed for the WAVE-3D system provides optimal quality of radio communication in conditions of noisy urban air. Automatic transmitter power adjustment provides significant savings in battery life (transmitter power is automatically reduced at close range).

Lithium batteries with the possibility of replacement

- The system has powerful Li-on batteries. Special software constantly monitors the charge of the battery and in case of a deep discharge automatically turns off device to prevent battery damage. After some time, batteries may lose their power; such batteries can be replace through a special compartment.

Blocking the system functionality

- To limit access to the WAVE-3D system implemented the possibility of blocking, by entering an individual PIN.

System self-test

- When the power is turn on, the self-test of the main components of the system takes place, and in the event of a parameter deviation from the given ones, the user is inform about the current malfunction.

Ability to update via the Internet

- WAVE-3D has implemented ability to update via the Internet.

Ultra-small dimensions

- The use of new technologies has made it possible to achieve minimum dimensions: 3х19х24 cm.

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