WAVE-2 (3D) - Smart Key Emergency Start System

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Device supports only cars with factory «Keyless Entry» systems installed.

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«WAVE-2 (3D)» is a low distance, low price and fully automatic system. It makes a “bridge” between the car and its key.

Unique technology of transmitting signal levels using 3D antenna available in "WAVE-2 (3D)" (in three directions in the same time - as used in the original key!) allowed to multiply the quantity and quality of actuations and raise the efficiency of the device to a completely new level!

«Answer» signal to the car comes directly from the key (distance can vary from 15m up to 100m and depends on key type and battery condition inside the key), and allows you to open a doors and start a car.


  1. Mode "20 kHz": AUDI Q7, MERCEDES X166, X164, W222 (FBS-3 и FBS-4) and etc 
  2. Mode "125 kHz":
    • AUDI (except Q7 with 20 kHz)
    • BMW (all with 125 kHz)
    • CADILLAC (all with 125 kHz)
    • CITROEN (all with 125 kHz)
    • FORD (all with 125 kHz)
    • HYNDAI (all with 125 kHz)
    • INFINITY (all with 125 kHz)
    • KIA (all with 125 kHz)
    • MAZDA (all with 125 kHz)
    • MERCEDES (W221, old MLW164 and GLW166 with 125 kHz)
    • NISSAN (all with 125 kHz)
    • OPEL (all with 125 kHz)
    • PEUGEOT (all with 125 kHz)
    • PORSCHE (all with 125 kHz)
    • RENAULT (all with 125 kHz)
    • SEAT (all with 125 kHz)
    • SKODA (all with 125 kHz)
    • SUZUKI (all with 125 kHz)
    • TESLA (all with 125 kHz)
    • VOLKSWAGEN (all with 125 kHz)
  3. Mode "134 kHz": TOYOTA and SUBARU before 2015y (key D4,94,98,88)
  5. Mode "T": TOYOTA and LEXUS 2015+ (key A8)

Warning!!! Device is not intended for illegal use !!!!

MANUAL WAVE-2(3D) v.1.0 [ENG]


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