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We announcing latest edition of legendary VOLNA (WAVE) device. VOLNA-3SE (Short-External) is the first one, amongst analogic devices got EXTERNAL antenna with manual selector of ALL 3 frequencies (20Khz,134Khz and 125Khz). 

  • Distance to the key with EXTERNAL antenna is 10-15 meters (depends on key condition and type)
  • Distance to the key with INTERNAL antenna is 4-5 meters (depends on key condition and type)


  1. 20Khz 

MERCEDES X166, X164, W222 (FBS-3 и FBS-4) and similar, also AUDI A_,Q5,Q7 from 2015my. AUDI Q8.

2. 125Khz supports almost all comfort access systems with a frequency of 125 kHz

• AUDI (all with 125kHz)
• BMW (all with 125kHz)
• CADILLAC (all with 125kHz)
• CITROEN (all with 125kHz)
• FORD (all with 125kHz)
• HYNDAI (all with 125kHz)
• INFINITY (all with 125kHz)
• KIA (all with 125kHz)
• MAZDA (all with 125kHz)
• MERCEDES (221, old MLW164 and GLW166 – they are using 125kHz)
• NISSAN (all with 125kHz)
• OPEL (all with 125kHz)
• PEUGEOT (all with 125kHz)
• PORSCHE (all with 125kHz)
• RENAULT (all with 125kHz)
• SEAT (all with 125kHz)
• SKODA (all with 125kHz)
• SUZUKI (all with 125kHz)
• TESLA (all with 125kHz)
• VOLKSWAGEN (all with 125kHz)
Also support any other models which works on 125kHz frequency.

3. 134Khz

TOYOTA and SUBARU (key types D4,94,98,88). Also support any other models which works on such frequency

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