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FBS-3 Emergency Start System

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The TES Pro V1.0 device is designed to test the engine start system in Mercedes-Benz cars, which uses the FBS-3 authorization system (number 166). The unit is intended for the models ML, GL, G - class and others (future plans for the models 212, 221). The device is used when necessary transport the car to service center in case of keys lost or the electronic ignition switch does not work.

SUPPORTED CARS:Mercedes-Benz: ML, GL and G-сlass ( 2011-2015 MY).


  • The test electronic ignition switch TES Pro v1.0 with special program for models W166, X166, W463.
  • Special key to this ignition switch.

TES Pro v1.0 is used as a temporary solution in an emergency and is not intended for permanent use !!!

OPERATION SEQUENCE (step-by-step instruction):

  1. Disconnect the original electronic ignition switch.
  2. Connect the TES Pro v1.0 unit to the connectors, insert the key and switch on the ignition.
  3. Short beeps will sound.
  4. Wait about 10-15 seconds.
  5. A double beep sounds.
  6. Switch off the ignition.
  7. Switch on the ignition and start the engine.
  8. The system is ready for use, you can transport the car to the service center.All key buttons function, open and close the car and disconnect the alarm.
  9. If you need to use the original ignition switch, simply install it back and use as usual.
  10. If you connect the TES Pro v1.0 when the car is in alarm mode, this mode will immediately turn off.

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