• BKP2

    BKP2 is stand-alone key programmer for BMW F-series cars equipped with CAS4 ECU with EWS4 and EWS5 systems.


    Tesla-S key duplicator Программатор ключа для а.м. TESLA model S

  • UST 1.0

    Unlocker and Fast start

  • Nissan Keyprog ver9.0

  • HONDA Keyprog v.3.0

    This device is designed to program keys for HONDA/ACURA cars in standalone mode. You do not need to know PIN code. 

  • BKP 6.5 - BMW Keyprog

    Standalone device for electronic key registration on BMW vehicles e-series.

  • MB Emergency Start Tester v.1.0

    FBS-3 Emergency Start System

  • Unlocker-2019R(reboxed)

    Toyota/Lexus CAN unlocker

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